Create A Future-Ready Organization

Business is under constant pressure to grow revenues. Your corporate business structure may be working quite well within the current business environment, but there is always that nagging thought of what’s going to happen in the next 1-3 years within your industry? Is there a disrupter company waiting in the wings to alter your industry? Business issues continue, such as: revenues, unexpected competition, profitability, growth, regulation, etc., all affecting your bottom line. Your current C-Suite executives and managers are loaded with today’s strategic and operational issues. However, that same executive team also focuses on what is going to be your future-ready organization through reinvention and digital transformation.

In The CEO Transformation Challenge, the CEO sets a strategic organizational goal and the selected participants, under the guidance of BLI’s C-Suite Mentors, devise an agile strategic plan to reach the goal. The Challenge presents real-world situations with real-world solutions based on up-to-date business research and top-level executive experience. BLI uses current planning processes, including the latest methods from the top business schools, to assist your employees and teams in building a strong organizational future.

The CEO Challenge Benefits:

  • ROI is the primary end result in reaching the CEO’s “Objective/Goal”
  • Participants will have personal ownership in driving your company’s future
  • Participants will build and reinforce team camaraderie
  • Ongoing strategic thinking is raised to a higher level
  • Establishes an agile and entrepreneurial foundation to keep the organization future-ready
  • YOUR people create the plan, own it, and are prepared to execute it

The CEO Challenge Structure:

  • Six week program, each session meets once a week for 3 to 4 hours- at your location or ours
  • Instructor/Mentors are experienced C-Suite Executives
  • Participants present their strategic plan to the CEO/C-Suite Executive Team during session eight
  • Minimum of six participants required, allowing ideas to be more fully explored and integrated
  • Class sizes exceeding eight participants will result in two or more teams being created producing a competition where the CEO/Executive Team determines which plan is the best strategy to reach the goal
  • The CEO Challenge can be used in lieu of the Case Studies for The C-Suite Executive Leadership Program, adding on extra week to that program