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As an upward mobile professional you are constantly on the go. Finding the time to attend a class or online lecture is difficult when you are balancing work life, home life and everything in between. But you still need that access to information, skills, competencies and the ins and outs of corporate politics to help you become an effective leader that moves up the ladder.

BLI's 5 Minute Online Briefings Program gives you quick access to management and leadership skills, along with business knowledge, delivered to you in 5 to 10 minute segments from experienced C-Suite executives. You can access the programs from your desktop, laptop or any mobile device.  Expert advice and briefings right at your fingertips.

The entire series is available for only $199.00 or individually for $79 each.

     Program Content:

C-Suite Executive Leadership ($79)

  • Inside the C-Suite: inner workings of the C-Suite; roles & responsibilities, how to get there and stay there
  • Corporate Strategy: how C-Suite decisions affect and drive corporate strategy
  • Corporate Management: C-Suite roles in forecasting and implementing multiple strategic risks
  • Corporate Leadership: developing positive C-Suite leadership styles that create positive corporate culture


Mid-Level and Front-Line Management & Leadership ($79)

  • Collaborative Leadership: information & competition  drive the need for leaders to be highly collaborative that enhance individual performance
  • Transitioning from Operational Manager to Strategic Leader: operational managers need to understand the path necessary to become a strategic leader
  • Strategic Plan Execution: strategic objectives & strategies are the first step, but how do we create actions that achieve the objectives?
  • Communication - Collaboration - Negotiations
  • Agile Leadership Qualities, Decision Structures, Culture
  • People and Talent Management



Audio Series Delivered in 5 Minute Briefings via Smart Phone, Tablet or Computer

Power and politics is an innate need within all people. We use both everyday in our personal, social and professional lives. Persuading and influencing others to accept your analysis or your decision requires that you know their position on their power needs.  Understanding how power and politics works within an organization becomes a critical analytically-driven people skill that can not only help you get things done, but move you up the corporate ladder. Colleagues use their power and politics skills without ever sharing their how or why!   Interestingly, fellow colleagues say that they would never use power plays because it just isn’t right to do that!  These are the people who are very skilled at power and politics within all facets of their life.  Bottom Line Institute’s power and politics in Leadership Series provides you with the critical fundamentals of knowing how to work with and influence people.  The five-minute power and politics briefings are structured with a general overview and Green’s 48 Laws of Power.  The Laws are designed to be used as power and politics tools in personal and professional situations as the need requires.

Corporate Power and Politics

  • How to use and recognize power
  • How to win the corporate politics game
  • How to use power & politics to achieve success
  • How to use power & politics to get things done

Power & Politics as an Applied Art …

All leaders use power and politics all the time…primarily how they got to their current position.

Power is a natural action in everyone’s personal and professional life…leaders use power techniques constantly and followers use power techniques sometimes.

Anytime someone tells another what to do they are using power over the other.

Everyone always wants to have options in their professional life … power gives them options.

Information Power:
Expressing more quality corporate information than your co-worker is exhibiting power.

Position Power:
All employees are given power through their job description responsibilities and authority.

Knowledge Power
All employees apply their knowledge at work, while some have more knowledge than others,they apply their knowledge to resource decisions before others, thereby exert their power options.

People Network:
All employees use business colleagues to get things done … which is creating your power through a people network.

Power is Global:
All human beings in the world use power and politic techniques every day.

Power puts you in Charge:
When your employer decides to re-structure, you want to be in charge of multiple resource decisions making you financially valuable to company … power gets you there.

Listen To A Free Segment of Power & Politics Series Below:

  Power Politics Why do I need it Part II


The entire Power & Politics Series is available for $79.00

The C-Suite Executive Leadership Series is $79.00

Mid-Level and Front-Line Management & Leadership is $79.00

Get all three 5 Minute Briefing Series for only $199.00



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