Agile Leadership For The Age of Digital Disruption

Corporate, CORE IT & Digital T3 Strategic-Operations Program

“Traditional – Transitional – Transformational”

Executive/Manager/Supervisor…CORE IT/Digital Transformation Managers…Digital Technology Technicians


Competitive Advantage has always been an organizational objective.  Until recently competitive advantage could mean pricing, lower costs, better efficiency, brand image, first to market or whatever your organization did better than your competitors.  However, a new risk factor has emerged that is disrupting routine competitive advantage strategies: the digital world. This has allowed new digital companies to enter established markets causing industry disruption resulting in decreased market share and revenues.

To counter industry disruptors, organizations must change their competitive advantage strategies. To recognize or predict industry disruption requires a proactive strategy in order to regain/sustain competitive advantage. Decisions must be made with speed, agility and adaptability, among a network of teams. Future-ready organizations are embracing the Digital Transformation Ecosystem: the integration of data analytics, AI software, super-computer resources and other shared assets enabling organizations to deliver high-value products & services with greater speed and efficiency.

Bottom Line Institute’s Executive and Management Traditional-to-Digital Transformation program is designed to assist companies in strategizing and operationalizing their plans resulting in the integration and transformation of their current and future strategies with “digital” strategies. BLI education programs reinforce traditional executive and management skills that are the foundation within all company structures. Integrating into this foundation are the executive and operational digital transformation leadership skills

Organizations that are embracing digital transformation are moving ahead of the pack. Their new ability to adapt to constantly changing market factors creates a customer-centric approach leading to a competitive advantage. A Digital Ecosystem can transform traditional company resources into a more aligned and competitive organization. Start your Digital Transformation now- or be left behind.


T3 Digital Strategy Briefing Sessions:  Corporate, IT CORE, Digital

                        Traditional1 by Design

                                                Transition2 by Instinct

                                                                        Transformation3 by Choice


T3 Digital Challenges

  • Strategic-Dynamic-Changing-Disruption-Uncertainty- Growth-Culture-Talent
  • Digital Strategy: Board, Corporate, IT, Operations, Alignment, Short-Long Term
  • Company Ecosystem: Supply Chain, Customers, Competition, Regulatory, Economics
  • Digital Culture: C-Suite, Executives, Managers, Employees, Partners
  • Digital ROI: Objectives-Strategies-Goals Execute Digital Plan-Value-Culture Interaction, Roadmap

C-Suite and Senior Executives

Content (6 hours. Two 3-hours briefing sessions):
  • Traditional-to-Digital Strategic Planning Alignment, Management
  • Traditional-Transition-Transformation Leadership & Negotiations Management

Managers & Supervisors

Content (15 hours. Five 3-hours briefing sessions):

  • Leadership Issues Comparison: Traditional-Transition-Transformation
  • Transition: Operational Decisions to Strategic Decisions
  • Communication-Collaboration-Negotiations
  • Agile Leadership Qualities-Decision Structures-Culture
  • People-Talent Management

Managers: Operations-IT-Digital

Content (18 hours. Six 3-hour briefing sessions):
  • Digital Transformation Strategic Management
  • Digital: Data Analytics, Big Data, Decision Management
  • Digital: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, IoT and Information Transition Management
  • Digital: Data Design, Statistical Analysis Management
  • Strategic Core IT-Enterprise to Digital IT-Transition Management
  • Operational Transition of Core IT-Digital-Cloud Management

Digital Technology Professionals

Content (18 hours. Six 3-hour briefing sessions):

  • Artificial Intelligence, Algorithms, Machine & Deep Learning
  • Python Programming
  • Statistics & Probability, Exploring & Predictive Analytics
  • Big Data, Prescriptive Data Analytics, Modeling
  • Software Engineering
  • Systems Cyber Security Ecosystems




Briefing Sessions: In-House, Online, Live Sessions

Briefing Session Focus:  Operational, Strategic,

                    Alignment, Company Culture-Change-Configuration, Interactive, Problem Challenges


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