"More than half of all C-Suite executives say they spent too little time preparing themselves for the demands of their new roles."

- Ascending to the C-Suite, McKinsey & Company. April, 2015

For corporations, identifying the right prospective leaders for the C-Suite environment is a challenging process. Our certificate program provides your company with a way to identify and assess your future C-Suite leaders. As a future C-Suite candidate this program provides you the tools & knowledge to hone your skills to the level acceptable for the C-Suite.

Bottom Line Institute's C-Suite Executive Leadership Certificate Program helps aspiring leaders understand what being in the C-Suite is all about, how to prepare for a C-suite Position and how to be a more effective manager and leader.

  • Understanding the roles & responsibilities of C-Suite Positions
  • Digital Transformation, Strategy development and implementation
  • C-Suite Collaboration to eliminate Silos
  • Team building, empowerment, motivation & leadership
  • The importance of integrity, judgement, ethics & self development
  • The importance of maintenance functions while leading into the future
  • Positive role of politics in business
  • Making you the driving visionary force

How the program works
With a mixture of in-person classroom intensive seminars, real world case studies and current/former C-Suite Members as instructors & Mentors, our program will prepare future leaders to contribute immediately to their organization's growth, culture and bottom line. The Certificate Program consists of four modules and will be completed in two months.

  • All Mentors/Instructors are C-Suite experienced executives
  • All course materials are based on current real-world theory/practices & current case studies
  • The intensive 3-4 hour evening/day seminars (per week) are lectures/discussions/simulations that include real-time business ideas/practices
  • Experiential Case Studies (or CEO Transformation Challenge **) are assigned relevant to the Module topics in which the candidates directly apply their learning with their current organizational/industry environment in mind-under the tutelage of their Mentor.

Measuring Your ROI:  C-Suite Executive Leadership Program Evaluation and Assessment

  • Level I:      Reaction- Participant assessment of the program; Mentor assessment of the Participant
  • Level II:     Learning- Pre and post evaluation of Participant subject knowledge and skill sets
  • Level III:    Behavior- Corporate/Employer post assessment of Participant
  • Level IV:    Business Impact- Calculate your ROI based on organizational and individual performance metrics