Agile Leadership For The Age of Digital Disruption

Digital Transformation Vision, Direction, Strategy, and Cultural Alignment at the  Executive and Operational Management Levels

Agile leadership is needed in the Age of Digital Disruption. BLI’s Executive & Management Digital Ecosystem program assists organizations in transforming their current leadership and management strategies for today’s digital age. This program will lead companies into a higher level of value creation enhancing all areas of the digital ecosystem by reinforcing traditional executive and management skills with the integration of digital transition to transformation leadership skills and building the people and technology foundation to support the Internet of Things digital strategy.

We will provide your organization with a digital transformation roadmap and strategy that brings together leadership, management, marketing and IT to deliver effective digital transformation that creates a true culture of innovation.


EXECUTIVE LEVEL (Senior Executives/Directors)

C-Suite Strategic Corporate Vision

  • Executive Alignment in Digital Transformation
  • Executive Strategic Vision Integrating the Digital Transformation Ecosystem
  • Corporate Strategic Decision Management- Data Analytics & Artificial Intelligence
  • Corporate Strategic Leadership & People Skills- Traditional & Digital

24 hours of class time.  Sessions meet once a week for 4 hours for 6 weeks.  Can be modified to meet specific corporate needs.


Digital Transformation Alignment & Leadership

  • Leadership Collaboration
  • Operational to Strategic Thinking
  • Strategic Plan Execution
  • Business Risk Management in Digital Transformation

Digital Infrastructure Platforms

  • Digital Transformation
  • Data Analytics/Big Data
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • People in the Digital Age
  • Data/Information Cyber Security

24 hours of class time.  Sessions meet once a week for 4 hours for 6 weeks.  Can be modified to fit specific corporate needs.

Benefits of Digital Transformation Executive & Management Training

There is nothing that will have a greater positive Impact on your bottom line than Digital Transformation

  • Executive, Management and Operations become aligned which leads to a more efficient digital transformation- so change occurs faster and results happen sooner.
  • Total organizational alignment and buy-in to the digital ecosystem leads to a sustained competitive advantage keeping you a step ahead of potential industry and digital disruption
  • Innovation leads to enhanced customer experiences and value- creating a positive affect on your bottom line
  • Empowers your people to work better, faster, and smarter- again helping your bottom line

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